Ring ID Community Job Update in 2022 |Community Job Ring Id Latest Update

Hello guys! So it takes much time to update you about the ring id community job. How ring id community job is going on right now and what is happening in ring id community job and what are the officials of ring id community job are saying now, today i will discuss all this topic with you. Do you want to know the latest update of ring id job so, read this carefully.

Ring ID Community Job Update

There were many groups of ring id jobs in facebook and many other named groups in facebook which are based on ring id jobs. You have noticed that all the groups and pages are silent right now. Nobody knows that what can ring id community can do next.

Also in youtube some youtube channels were grown to take ring id community update topics. Also these youtube channels are silent now, in fact they are not uploading any single video about ring id community jobs now. Why? Why are they not active now? You have noticed that their videos about ring id community jobs are not gaining much views like before.

So, this is the main reason why they are not uploading any videos about ring id community jobs. The main problem to them is that the public of ring id community jobs are not taking interest in ring id right now and that’s why the traffic of ring id users in youtube search is very low now. 

Ring ID Job Update in 2022 |Community Job Ring Id Latest Update

Now the Question is that Can we Get our money back for ring id community?

Can we Get our money back for ring id community job?

A post had come some time ago where they said that, “ring id community are giving money back to their E-Commerce companies.” After hearing this news many people are saying that ring id community will also give their users money back. Let me clear you that nothing will happen like that.

The truth is that ring id is just giving their E-Commerce site’s money back not user’s money. It could be possible that you can get back your Expenses which you invested to create your ring id account. But you can’t get your wallet balance. Not this: “You can’t get your wallet balance. You just get your invested money to create your ring id account.” 

How to Start Earning From Ring ID App 2022?

At First You have to Install the Ring Community Job Official App on you Device. After Install the app you have to open it and have to create an account on it. After create an account you have to buy membership from ring id to start your earning. But there is a problem here that, the officials of Ring Id Community had given an Notice. The Notice is Given Below,

How to Start Earning From Ring ID App 2022
How to Start Earning From Ring ID App 2022

In this Notice they are saying, “প্রিয় রিং আইডি ব্যবহারকারী ২৩/০৯/২১ ইং তারিখ থেকে নতুনভাবে কোনো ব্র্যান্ড প্রোমোটার গ্রহণ করা হবে না। আমরা আমাদের ইকো সিস্টেমের ব্র্যান্ড প্রোমোটার সংখ্যার কাঙ্খিত সীমায় পৌঁছে গেছি। সকল ব্র্যান্ড প্রোমোটারের মেয়াদকাল আনলিমিটেড সময় পর্যন্ত নির্ধারিত আছে। যার মাধ্যমে একজন ব্র্যান্ড প্রোমোটার আজীবন আয়ের সুযোগ পাবেন।

উল্লেখ্য থাকে যে যেকোনো ব্র্যান্ড প্রোমোটারের সক্রিয় হওয়ার ৩ মাস পর উক্ত মেম্বারশিপ বাতিলের সুযোগ পাবেন। বাতিলকালে তার আয়কৃত অর্থের পরিমান যদি ক্রয়মূল্যের কম হয় তবে উক্ত ব্র্যান্ড প্রোমোটার অবশিষ্ট টাকা ফেরত পাবেন।”

Its Mean that, “Favorite Ring ID users will not receive any new brand promoters from 23/09/21. We have reached the desired number of brand promoters in our ecosystem. All brand promoters have an unlimited duration. Through which a brand promoter will get the opportunity of lifetime income.

Note that any brand promoter will have the opportunity to cancel the membership after 3 months of activation. If the amount of money earned at the time of cancellation is less than the purchase price, the brand promoter will get back the remaining money.”

In short they are saying that they have reached the maximum amount of User and they don’t need more. So, it is impossible now to buy any membership anymore.

But there is a solution for you. I have brought a solution for you, after hearing this news many users want to sell their membership ID if you are interested then you can contact them and can easily a membership Ring ID for earning.

Ring ID Android APK/ iOS App Download 2022

When you bought your ID then you have to open it on Ring ID Community Job Official APK/ iOS App. To Install this app at first you have to open your device and then go to google play console or Google play store to install the Ring ID app or you can also install it by clicking on the link which has given below,

RIng ID Membership fee and Pricing In 2022

To start you earning by ring id you have to buy membership. Which can help you to get more ads on your account by viewing it you can earn more from it. SO the current membership in Ring ID Community job in 2022 are Silver and Gold Membership. Current Membership Packages are-

Silver-Membership Package 12000/- Taka (Active)
Gold-Membership Package 22000/- Taka (Active)
RIng ID Membership fee and Pricing In 2022

Community Jobs Earnings of Ring ID 2022:

There are some ways to earn from Ring ID. The 1st one is to view ads and second one is to refer a friend. If you have a big friend circle or have many friends on your social media then you can easily refer a friend. So the main earning source from ring id is to refer a friend and view ads.

Work Type and Benefits of Ring ID

The work type of Ring ID is to view ads. You loses many of your time everyday, so it is better for you to work on ring id it gives you money by viewing ads. The work is very simple and easy and they pay much money everyday so i advice you to work on it.

The main benefit of ring id is there is nothing as hard word. The work is simple there and not need much time. SO it is a plus point to you that yo do not have to give many of your time you just have to give some of your time and can earn money.

Payment System or Payment in Ring ID Community Jobs 2022

The Better thing for you is that the Ring ID is a truthful earning point and Ring id pays it’s users money. A member can easily withdraw money from Ring ID. A Member can withdraw his money using Nagad, Bkash or Rocket. But the condition is that he has to reach to the minimum amount for withdraw and under the maximum amount for withdraw.

The Minimum amount for withdraw is 200 BDT and the maximum amount is 10000 BDT. A Member can withdraw money just once in 10 days and the withdrawal money will add in you Bkash, Nagad or Rocket account under the 7 working days.

Instant cash out through agent In Ring ID 2022

A new rule has been introduced in Ring ID. You can now withdraw your money through an agent. To do that you need to select an agent when you go to pick him up. After selecting the agent, you need to request cash out and continue to request until your request is accepted. Once you get the app, you will get your money in 24 hours.

Ring ID Official Agent’s Name and Phone Number With Full Details

I am giving you the list of Ring ID Official Agent’s Name and Phone number with full details. Follow the list and choose one agent for your cash out or buy a membership.

1. Al Mamun+8801820998343
2. Md. Arshad Khan+8801614041515
3. Belayet Hussain +8801719961462
4. MD. Hasan+8801312340999
5. Ashrafur Rahman (Robin)+8801914372134
Ring ID Official Agent’s Name and Phone Number With Full Details

Official Payment Method OF Ring ID

You can withdraw your money through Nagad. But the problem is that you have to reach 5000 and 10000 amount to withdraw money from Nagad. You can get your withdrawal money Early through Nagad.

ID Community Job review

Ring ID very very trustful earning point and it use to pay out it’s users. Many people had earned from it and safely got their payments. You can get many reviews for Ring ID that they are 100% real earing app which can pay.

Ring id official page

Ring Id has official page on Facebook. I can advice you to follow their page for all updates and news. I am giving you the page link go and follow it-

The Main Earing point in Ring Id is ring id add member or Refer a member. Ring id referral bonus is very high and any members are just earning by referring a member. There is also may ring id offers which are Silver and Gold Membership. You can Boost your earning by purchasing those Memberships.

র আইড জব কমউনট ইনকম is a real and truthful earning app. Finally ring id community jobs is given to you by me. I also Cleared you ring id community jobs problem. Some problems are still there but very soon community jobs problem will be solve. কভব ring id community work and get money.

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