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Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse effect is the process by which the air surrounding the earth is becoming warmer day by day. It is the horrible consequence of different types of environmental pollution. It causes the rise in the amount of carbon dioxide. There are many causes of this rise. The burning down of green tropical forests, the increasing development of industry, motor vehicles, the use of CFCs in different commercial products, the use of detergents- all are the causes of increasing carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide makes the ozon layer thin and strengthens greenhouse effect which can greatly damage men’s ability to produce food and can destroy wildlife. The total area of desert is increasing every year at an alarming rate. Many species of animals and plants are endangered with the threat of extinction. The weather pattern is changing. The alarming news is that the polar ice caps are melting because of increasing temperature. For this, sea level can rise and the coastal areas and farmlands  may go under water. Bangladesh, too, cannot escape from the attack of this enemy. The lower southern part of the country may go under water one day. In order to protect ourselves from this catastrophic impact, we should take some effective measures. We should plant more trees and should not use CFCs and other poisonous chemicals indiscriminately. People should be made aware of the bad sides of greenhouse effect.
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