A Picnic Invitation Letter – Best Letter for 100% Marks

Are you a student? So this very beautiful letter is only for you. Are you searching for a Picnic Invitation Letter? This post is about the same topic. Read this “Picnic Invitation Letter”. I am 100% sure that if you write this letter in your exam paper then you surely get full marks. It is grammatically very suitable and also a very friendly letter. It is written in very simple language.

I have used simple words in this letter which will help you to remember this letter easily. I hope this letter will be good for you. If it is suitable for you, please share this letter with your friends and tell me in the comment section how is it and what more letters do you want? I will surely write it for you.

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A Picnic Invitation Letter to your Friend-

12/A Mymensingh Road, Dhaka- 1000
27th April, 2022
Dear Rakib,
I have just received your letter, In your letter you have asked me that how will I spend my Summer holidays? So I am writing this letter for your answer and also inviting you to join me to the picnic which is going to held in this summer vacation.

So, at first take my best wishes for you and your parents. I hope you are well by the grace of almighty Allah. Rakib, Our School will be going to close soon for the summer vacation on Saturday next. You will be very glad to know that we are going to have a great picnic on the 10th instant. We the arrangers have decided to go to Sonargaon. It is a place of great historical interest. It is also quite near to our Dhaka city. It is also in our budget plan. As our budget is limited, Sonargaon is the best place to visit under our budget.

Azim, Shuvo, Prakash, Rimon, Rasel, Nusrat and some of our other friends are also joining us for the picnic. In short it is going to be a great vacation because of our picnic plan. We expect to have a very pleasant time. I hope that you will surely join us for the picnic. Please don’t disappoint me. Join us and increase our pleasure. I eagerly waiting for your reply.

With best Regards to your parents and love to the youngers.
Yours Ever,
[ your name ]
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A Picnic Invitation Letter - Best Letter for 100% Marks
A Picnic Invitation Letter – Best Letter for 100% Marks

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Last Words:

So guys it is your Picnic Invitation Letter which I have written for you. I hope you liked it. If you experienced good for this Dialogue then please share this with your friends. Tell us your Experience in the comment box.

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